Small Business Merchant Cash Advances

Could your small business benefit from a merchant business cash advance loan? Well, are you currently facing a large sum of debt that you’d like to get rid of due to the increasing interest rates and astounding monthly payments or do you owe taxes that you simply cannot afford to pay at this moment without severely affecting your bottom line? Yes? If so, then absolutely you could greatly benefit from a business cash advance from X Merchant Cash Advance.

Merchant Cash Advances

How Can a Merchant Cash Advance Help My Small Business?

If you took out a loan for your business and the interest rates are steadily climbing and are causing you distress, you are wondering how you are going to pay off those high monthly bills without it affecting your own pocketbook , if the monthly payments are getting so high that you are at risk of losing your business, having to let go of a much needed employee, or another tragic loss to your business, then obtaining a business cash advance can help solve many issues that you and your business are facing.

With a merchant cash advance we don’t have monthly payments nor do we have late fees. What we do is qualify you for a business cash advance based on these easy qualifications:

1.       You accept credit cards as a form of payment at your business

2.       You are not currently in an open bankruptcy

3.       You process at least $4,000 a month in credit card sales

4.       You’ve been in business at least 60 days

If you meet those qualifications then we are ready, willing, and able to help you get out of debt, whether the debt is from a bank or from impending tax fees.  We will be able to qualify you for a business cash advance of up to $250,000 in one hour, we can get you the money in hand in less than 3 days on most accounts, and to top it off-we don’t care if you have poor credit!

Will a Merchant Cash Advance Hurt my Small Business?

Well first of all, you aren’t really acquiring a debt when you obtain a small business loan alternative from X Merchant Cash Advance. We are not giving you a loan; we are giving you a merchant advance. We are going to purchase a percentage of your future credit card transactions; we’re just going to buy them now and your business will pay back the advance from small percentages of your daily credit card sales.

We have expert underwriters who don’t want to put you in debt, don’t want to make you nervous about payments, and want to and will devise a repayment plan that will not only allow you to pay back the business cash advance but will also allow you to do so in such a way that does not take away from your future profits.

Apply Now to Speak to a Specialist!

With a merchant cash advance from X Merchant Cash Advance don’t even have to change your credit card processor to ours if you don’t want to. An expert underwriter is waiting to help you relax and keep your business running, growing, and profiting and help your business pay off debt or tax fees.